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初中英语 词汇




Countable and uncountable nouns

实博10bet下载Teaching aims:

实博10bet下载Knowledge aims:

实博10bet下载Students will have a deeper understanding about nouns by dividing them into countable nouns and uncountable nouns..

Students will master the basic rules and some special cases of plural nouns, such as potatoes.

Ability aim:

实博10bet下载Students will use nouns properly in their conversation.

Emotional aim:

实博10bet下载Students will develop their leaning ability by inductive methods.

实博10bet下载Key and difficult points:

Key point:

实博10bet下载How to master the rules of plural nouns.

Difficult point:

实博10bet下载How to use different nouns correctly in their daily life ;

实博10bet下载Teaching procedures:

Step 1: Warming-up

实博10bet下载1. Greetings and free talk about the food they ate in the morning.

2. Play a game called Find them different homes.

First, explain the rules: They need to classify the food in 2 or 3 groups in different ways and explain their reasons. For example, they can divide them into healthy food and junk food; vegetables and meat; Chinese food and western food; etc...

Second, divide them into groups 4.

Third, tell them to finish the job in 5 minutes.

Last, make a conclusion and introduce another way(plural and singular) to classify food and lead in to the topic.

实博10bet下载Step 2: Presentation

实博10bet下载1. Read the short passage for them and analyze the main idea together.

实博10bet下载2. Ask them to underline words about food. And write down them on the blackboard in two groups. One includes food, rice, salt and juice. The other includes carrots, fruits and oranges.

3. Divide them into groups of 4 and ask them to find out the rules of the the words.

实博10bet下载4. Explain that nouns can be divided into countable ones and uncountable ones. And countable one can be divided into plural and singular nouns.

实博10bet下载5. Introduce some special cases, such as potatoes and tomatoes, and remind them we should add “es” at the end is the nouns are supposed to be plural.

实博10bet下载Step 3: Practice

1. Activity one: Filling in the blanks: ask them to change the singular nouns into plural nouns. And invite a student to share his answers and give encouragements and corrections accordingly.

实博10bet下载2. Activity two: Describing the pictures--they are different items with different numbers.

Step 4: Production

Activity: playing a game called Guessing who he is.

1. Explain the rules: they need to work in pairs. One describes any student in the class about their hair, clothes and glasses and and so on. The other one is supposed to guess the name. Then they exchange the roles.

2. Invite some groups to share their performance in front of the whole class.

Step 5: Summary and Homework

Summary: invite a student to be a little teacher and summarize today’s lesson. And make a conclusion: there are lots of words to learn, but if we master some rules, it will make learning more efficient.

Homework: ask them to find out 5 more nouns which have special plural forms.

Blackboard design:

Teaching reflection


1. Explain the teaching methods.



实博10bet下载It is the inductive teaching method. According to the second requirement from the test paper, students should be put into the center in this class. And inductive teaching method is a perfect way to do that.

First, I divide them into groups and lead them to find out the rules by themselves, so they can have a deeper impression about this grammar item..

实博10bet下载Second, I introduce some special cases about countable nouns to make a supplement, so they can have a whole picture about this grammar item.

Thank you.





2. Do you know other ways to teach grammar?



Besides inductive teaching method, there is another popular one called deductive teaching method for grammar teaching.

实博10bet下载Unlike inductive teaching method, it requires the teacher to explain the rules to the students step by step in advance. Then the students need to do some practice to understand the rules and functions.

The method has its own advantages too. For example, when dealing with very complicated grammar with difficult rules and functions, it makes it quick and easier for students to understand.

Thank you.


















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